Condition Report of Vintage Items

Apart from a very small selection of vintage-inspired handmade jewellery, all our pieces in the collection are always true vintage or antique, As they are pre-owned items, in most cases they will have been used or worn in the past, showing some signs of age, wear or patina. A perfection shouldn’t be expected unless an item is stated as being as such. 

We describe any obvious flaws, wear or damage to our best ability so that you can make an informed decision to add an item to your collection. We also take high resolution photographs under good light from various angles for you to inspect the object in great detail.

The six level grading criteria we use to qualify vintage items for their condition are as follows:

Mint: A vintage piece in immaculate condition, keeping its original contour, and showing no signs of use or damage. Items in this category can sometimes reveal very light storage marks or shelf wear upon close-up viewing, as they would have been stored away for many years or displayed in a shop during their original period.

Excellent: A vintage item with only the slightest signs of age and use that won’t detract from its overall appearance or structure. Items with higher value in this category usually come from private collection of professional collectors or carefully-reserved family heirloom.

Very good: A well-maintained vintage piece with minor wear and signs of light use. Depending on the type of object (i.e. leather bag, filigree brooch) some loss of the original shape can be expected.

Good: A vintage item that has been used frequently, showing significant amount of wear, but without any major structural damage.

Fair: A vintage item that is still in usable condition, or have been repaired, and it comes with major flaws which can be visual, structural, or both.

Poor: A damaged vintage piece that can only be kept for display purposes, or will require some alteration or repair before it can be usable again. This category usually applies to items with historic or artistic value making them too precious to scrap or use as spares.

If you have any questions or concerns, our Frequently Asked Questions page might provide some answers. And you can always contact us via our website.

Other Terms to Indicate an item’s Condition

Occasionally on our listings you may come across with references highlighting the rareness or collectability of an item, such as:

Dead-stock / New-old Vintage: A vintage item that has never been used and sometimes preserved in original packaging that we acquired from a previously-existed stock of another establishment such as a closed-down shop, storage room of a factory, designer brand changing production line, a manufacturer’s sample collection from the previous decades etc.

Restoration/Craft: A broken vintage or antique piece that displays clear flaws, or comes with missing parts, yet keeping exceptional amount of historical value, making the investment worthwhile for the collector.