Aquiris Vintage Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 10850179


Aquiris Vintage is a London based online store with occasional physical pop-up shops for true vintage fashion, jewellery & vanity items. We also have a vintage-inspired silver jewellery line consisting of selective pieces that we either create ourselves or curate from other designers.

Founded in 2017, Aquiris Vintage started out selling in the vintage industry as an online store on Etsy, as well as taking part at vintage fairs and UK events. We still keep our Etsy shop, and appear at an occasional vintage event, however majority of our customers find us here on our website now.  

Following a thorough research and doing a quality evaluation on each item, we list our vintage pieces on their current recommended market value determined by condition, age, collectibility and/or materials used. You can view our six-level grading standards here.

The collection displayed on this website includes items from family collections that we’ve been given access to as well as interesting finds from our trips around the country and abroad. Sometimes we get to include rare gems discovered in dusty curiosity boxes discovered in specialist auctions, too. 

We don’t bulk-buy products from wholesalers and never sell an item that wasn’t personally examined by us.  

And whether you prefer glamorous Hollywood pieces or love geometric art deco style, we aim to offer items to suit diverse tastes and budgets. 

Happy shopping and please do get in touch with any questions you might have about any aspect of our trading.

Our Stalls & Showcase at Recent Events